About Us

KARR Productions
Your DJ & Karaoke Professionals

Karr Productions started in the early 90's. In 1997 Oren came along and purchased 50% of Karr productions from Pat Walker.  The two of them ran it together producing many karaoke shows all around the Puget Sound area for many years. In 2005, Pat Walker decided he no longer wanted to be part of the daily operations of Karr Productions and gave Oren Artlip the chance to purchase the other 50% of Karr Productions. The rest is history.

Oren took Karr Productions and made it one of the biggest Karaoke companies in Washington State providing service for as many as 16 Bars and 27 Shows a week.  In 2014 Oren decided to take the company a different direction and focus more on the DJs for reunions, weddings, and private parties while still keeping about 6-9 bars for weekly karaoke shows around the Puget Sound area.